Tomorrow is my daughter’s big state gymnastic meet. She has worked so hard for this moment, spending hours and hours in the gym and working to perfect every routine down to pinpointing possibilities for even the slightest 1/100 of a point deduction. Blood, sweat, tears, and pure determination have gotten her this far and now, it comes down to one day, 5 hours, 4 events and every fraction of a point adding up to qualify for regionals. She knows what she has to do and is confident that she will walk away a champion. Tomorrow is her time to shine and no matter the outcome, we will all walk away proud of all she has accomplished this year.

Addie girl- go get em! Show them what you are made of and no matter what- have fun and be proud of the gymnast you are! You re already gold in our eyes!IMG_4695.JPG  IMG_1504.PNGIMG_1498.PNG