Tomorrow is my daughter’s big state gymnastic meet. She has worked so hard for this moment, spending hours and hours in the gym and working to perfect every routine down to pinpointing possibilities for even the slightest 1/100 of a point deduction. Blood, sweat, tears, and pure determination have gotten her this far and now, it comes down to one day, 5 hours, 4 events and every fraction of a point adding up to qualify for regionals. She knows what she has to do and is confident that she will walk away a champion. Tomorrow is her time to shine and no matter the outcome, we will all walk away proud of all she has accomplished this year.

Addie girl- go get em! Show them what you are made of and no matter what- have fun and be proud of the gymnast you are! You re already gold in our eyes!IMG_4695.JPG  IMG_1504.PNGIMG_1498.PNG


She Never Gives Up

I have decided that they should hand out medals for parents at gymnastic meets. Lets face it… it takes a lot of endurance to sit for hours to watch your child compete for a total of maybe five minutes. I mean honestly… it is exhausting! I come home as wiped out as if I was out on the floor myself. Ok… maybe not quite but I know I will sleep well tonight.

Back to the real focus of today’s slice… my daughter Addie. I truly stand in awe of her. This girl… she never ever gives up. She may be one of the quietest and smallest 11 year olds you will meet but don’t let that fool you- she is a beast when she sets her mind to it. She lives her life to the fullest and any obstacle she crosses, she conquers in her own unique way. Here is just a small glimpse into my sweet girl’s essence…

Ad has been a competitive gymnast for 4 years- though two years ago, I never could have imagined she would be where she is at today. Two years ago she was told she was being held back a level- that her scores weren’t really at the minimum they wanted to progress. She had had a rough year… breaking a finger and a skill that she just couldn’t seem to conquer but never did she imagine that she would be left behind… in a level without all of her friends. She had never had coaches that didn’t believe in her… and that was all it took. From that moment a fire was lit and she hasn’t stopped since. She decided to talk to her coach (which in and of itself is a HUGE feat if you know my daughter!) and set some goals (That truly seemed unattainable… I was actually frustrated as a parent!) and then worked nonstop that entire summer to meet and/ or surpass every single one of them. By the time fall rolled around- she was moved up with the rest of the group and ended up being the top bar scorer for her level all season. Fast forward to this year and she is busting her personal bests week after week. Today’s meet was no different. The last regular season meet and she broke her personal best in vault and had the second highest scores ever on floor and beam. She walked away as the 2nd place all-around finisher with another second place and two thirds. Amazing to say the least… and all because she didn’t give up two summers ago.

While gymnastics is huge… that is still only one small piece of Addie. This girl gives her all at everything she does. She has been a straight A student for as long as she has received letter grades- but it isn’t because it comes easily… it is because she works hard and mediocre doesn’t cut it. She loves to read (I often catch her up late into the night reading) and write (she is the reason I am doing this challenge) and school is a highlight of her day. She might be quiet, but her work ethic is mighty. She already has a list of things she wants to get involved with in middle school (I can’t believe this happens next year!) and beyond and I honestly can’t wait to see where life takes this girl.

With all of that said, I am most proud of Ad for just being who she is…a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She stands up for others and will be the first there to hold your hand and let you cry on her shoulder when you have a bad day. She will do goofy dances while waiting for her turn on beam (when almost everyone else is solemn and focused) and allow her little brother to hang out with her and her friends when they spend the night. Ad is her own unique being, and if you really get to know her, you will discover her sweet, gentle personality and her love of those closest to her. I am so proud to call this girlie my daughter whom is also quickly growing into one of my best friends.

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