Have you ever had a dream

one that seems so real

that you wake up and can recall every little detail?


A dream that lets you not just see

but taste


and smell

everything going on around you?


One that you aren’t sure

you will ever actually wake up from

because you have no idea

that you are actually dreaming?



What if it really wasn’t just a dream?



What if we could choose;

make a conscious effort

to go back in time

through our dreams


revisit a piece of our past?


What if

through our journey,

we could

makes amends

or close a door

whose openness has haunted you

your entire life?


What if we could

go back

and spend precious moments

with those that we love,

Letting us once again

re-live that slice of life




how fleeting time can be.


Would you choose to dream?



Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.42.04 PM





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