Nap time

One of my favorite weekend activities is my Sunday afternoon nap. I do understand that makes me sound old but heck… I don’t care how old I sound if it means I get to have this time of restoration. Doesn’t the Bible itself command us to take a day of rest?!?

Ode to the Sunday nap

Oh Sunday nap

your arms so warm

as you envelop me into your dreamy embrace


My eyes heavy

from the burdens of the week

I can hear you calling me

every so gently

beckoning me to take off my burdens

and rest

in you for awhile


I pull the shades

enshrouding my room into darkness

and crawl under the covers

the weight of which

gently presses against me

comforting me…

as though I am being protected from the world


It doesn’t take long

for your power to take control

of all of my body.

I can no longer resist

your calming whisper

urging me to relax

and let go.


My breathing gently slows

and my eyes shut out the escaped rays of sunshine

and I finally find rest

in your arms.


Thank you Sunday nap

you have given me to strength

to face the new week

that lies ahead.









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