I was stumped

for something to write about today. Basically my day was spent writing lesson plans, reading textbooks and being a mom. Nothing worth writing about in all honesty. So… I went to my bookshelf with plans of creating a “spine poetry” masterpiece. Nothing really struck my fancy until I came across a book I purchased about a year ago entitled, “642 Things to Write About.” I figured there had to be something in there to inspire me(after all… that was why it was written) so I cracked it open. The first thing I opened to was this prompt, “Write about a kid who is about to do a dare she really doesn’t want to do.” So… here goes!


The fear creeps in, infecting all of my extremities from my toes to the roots of my hair. Everything in my head and heart is screaming, “No” but I know there is no other answer than “yes” (unless I want to be made fun of the rest of my life… and that is NOT an option). I open my eyes, look my “friends” square on and tell them to get the camera ready because this is only going to happen once…



and there my friends is where the inspiration ended. LOL. It is a start… or something like that anyway!


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