Things that bring me happiness…

As I have mentioned repeatedly on this blog, I am really trying to take time to enjoy the little things in life. I am SO busy, our culture in general is so busy… that life passes by in a blur and honestly, that is not how I want to look back and remember these years. Today our schools had their third snow day (2nd in a row) which meant another unexpected day of freedom… no plans, no expectations… just a day that was once filled with activities washed clean. I was giddy to have another laid back, pj wearing kind of day. As I sat and enjoyed my coffee at 10 am (yes… I did sleep in until almost 9:30!) I tried to drown out the arguing of my children (that were rudely interrupting my the serenity I thought I was going to enjoy…just keeping it real!) by jotting down a list of the things that bring me happiness. My mood was quickly turning sour as the banter between my two youngest escalated and I knew I needed to focus on the positives before the joy of our togetherness vanished completely. The following is what I came up with… but I am sure it is not an exhaustive list and I will continually add to it as time goes on.

*Coffee (I never was a coffee drinker until my mid-20s… and now I can’t imagine a morning without it!)

*Books (I love to read… almost anything. I am currently reading Franz Kafka’s works as well as a ton of reading endorsement textbooks (those are not so fun- lol) )

*Baking (specifically, baking with my kiddos. Today Addie and I made no-bakes… it is so fun to share in this love with her!)

*Sports (I play (ed) soccer and softball and have always dabbled in running. Right now I am nursing a sprained ankle so most of my activity has stopped but I hope to one day be back out there!)

*My children’s laughter

*My dog cuddling up in my lap (I may act like she is the biggest annoyance ever- but I secretly love her- she kind of forces that whether I like it or not… somehow I am her chosen one)

*Tim doing small things around the house

*A random note or small token that shows someone is thinking of me

*The smell after a spring rainstorm

*The fresh fallen snow- esp. when it lays on the branches of trees and the whole world is turned white

*Listening to the ocean waves


*Watching my children sleep. I know they are at peace and am always in awe that they are mine.

*Lazy Days


*Fuzzy Socks, warm sweatshirts… anything comfy cozy.

*Soft blankets up around my neck… offers a peace like no other

*Warm showers and back massages

*Hearing the first birds of spring begin to sing (I heard this a few weeks ago… look where we are now!)

*Christmas season… I LOVE Christmas!

*Babies… not mine anymore- but anyone elses!!

*Hearing my kids laugh/ play together


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