an A for effort…


My house is full of frenzy and excitement tonight. Not because it is a special holiday, or because of an upcoming trip. It is full of frenzy because, according to the website snow day predictor , there is a 99% chance of no school tomorrow. This is all I have heard about since walking in the door… I can’t even imagine what it was like to be in their classrooms all day! (Thankfully I was hidden away in an art room in the basement of a middle school…)

Good luck rituals have ensued… including backwards pjs, ice cubes down the toilet, running around the house 5 times, white crayon in the freezer and a spoon under the pillow. I don’t remember doing these crazy things as a child and we had our share of snow days (maybe because I lived in the heart of the snowball) but nevertheless, it is fun to watch the rituals and hard no to share in their excitement and dreams.

Best of luck to all of the children (and teachers!) dreaming of a white Tuesday… may your snow white world dreams come true!


4 thoughts on “an A for effort…

  1. room311news says:

    You and I were on the same wavelength! My post was about snow days too….that’s all the kids wanted to talk about, mainly because it postpones the AIR test! Hope you are enjoying your day with your kids!


    • pokeygirl5 says:

      I kept telling the kids that even though the calculator said 99% chance… I was giving it a less than 10%. Guess I should stay away from any casinos! LOL We all slept in and enjoyed a warm breakfast and having a day with nothing to do!


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