What I can teach others

It has been another one of those days… from sunup until well after sundown…go go go and tomorrow is looking to be no improvement. I have hardly had time to think let alone sit down and write so here I am, pushing 10:00 and my brain is void of ideas. I quickly search google to find a writing prompt but nothing seems to grab my attention. I could easily just shut my computer and give up on the challenge… I mean- my life is busy as it is. But, what would that prove? That I can’t write? That I am tired? That I am a quitter? That is one thing I definitely am not. Challenges are supposed to be hard, they are supposed to stretch you and make you uncomfortable. Check and check.If I want to grow I must push ahead. Tonight I am choosing to push onward, through half open eyes and a foggy brain to type out tonight’s post. Without further ado… tonight’s writing prompt and my response.

What I can teach others

*Never give up… as I said above, challenges are hard but they bring about growth. Growth doesn’t come without pain. Push through- the results will be worth it.

*Find the good in every situation… even a rainstorm brings beauty afterwards.

*Follow your dreams… even if it means totally changing careers and running yourself ragged to allow them to come to fruition. In the end, it will be worth it.

*Be kind to others… you never know the battles they are fighting.

*Brokenness doesn’t make you worthless, it makes you unique and beautiful in ways that no one else can replicate.

*Money doesn’t buy happiness… small moments spent with those you love does.

*Find someone that believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. This will make the hardest times more bearable.

*Take time for the small things… stop to dance in the rain, listen to the first spring birds, notice the flowers push through the ground after the final bits of snow melts away. Stand and watch your child sleep, hug one another and take time to sit and just talk.

*Listen to one another. Ask people their stories… sometimes you will be amazed at what you discover.

*Be yourself. You are unique and bring a different perspective to the world than anyone else. The world needs YOU… not whom others want to turn you into.


I am sure I could list so much more… but now I am not only exhausted… I am also hungry and on that note, I just need to go to bed.



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