THIS is Why

Why would you want to become a teacher?
Why are you starting a new career when you are already in your mid-30s?
Why would you put yourself through college again?

Teachers don’t make good money.
The future of teaching is shaky.
Federal mandates are ruining the profession.
You won’t be able to retire until…

Late evenings grading
Violence in schools
Kids that don’t want to learn
Your own kids… they need you.
Money. You won’t make back what you put in.
Common Core- it is ruining education.
You do know teachers are leaving the profession daily…

This is all I seem to hear. Society telling me that I have it all wrong. That I am making a mistake. But for me, this is something that has never felt more right.

THIS is Why…

“Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who
understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they
can possibly be” (Rita F. Pierson). These words sum up what I believe to be the motivating factor for my venture into teaching. See, I once had a teaching (or a champion) in my own personal life, and it is due to them, that I ended up at this place in my life today. So in part, I guess you could say that I am ‘passing it on…’ or ‘paying back what was given to me.’ Whatever way you look at it, my desire is to be that person to someone else someday.

I went into social work because I wanted all children to know that there was somebody there that caring about them and fighting for them, and while I had that opportunity, I quickly realized how little of a connection you ever actually get with most clients. My heart continually broke, as I saw case after case of children that needed SO much, but the most I could offer was another program, that eventually they would age out of or simply never participate in due to lack of parental motivation. I wanted to do SO much for these children, but my time was so limited and I realized, that at best, some of their basic needs were being met… but I knew there was so much more that could be done… but I wasn’t yet ready to take that plunge.

Through my experience both personally and professionally as a social worker, I
have observed that children are more likely to strive to reach their potential when they know there is somebody believing that they can actually do it. But what about those children that have no one there to be that ‘cheerleader?’ Who is whispering words of encouragement to them? Who is smiling with pride when they have the ability to read their first book?

Teachers. That is who.
Teachers are given the role not only educating, but also developing a sense or worthiness and pride and sharing in the ups and downs of each student’s life. Teachers are there… when some parents are unable to be. Teachers have the unique opportunity to shape young minds in so many different facets.

It wasn’t until my youngest entered school that I began to toy around with the idea of going back to college and *gasp* enter the teaching profession. It all seemed to fit… my love of children, learning, and desire to make a difference- no matter how small it might be.

So here I  am… 2 years later and ready to enter full time teaching next fall. This is what I have dreamed of… what I have worked for and what I believe will be my legacy.

As I enter the classroom this fall…
I want all students I come across to know that I believe they are important and that everyone has the potential to change the
I want all students to know there is someone cheering them on from the corner, doing all in their power to help them succeed.
I want to be that person whispering, “You can” when everyone else is telling them they can’t.

Long ago, someone modeled those beliefs for me, and they have never left. I too, will now have this opportunity, because I am a teacher.


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